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GIANT Postcard Marketing


Introducing ... 
The GIANT Postcard

Direct Mail Marketing System

direct mail marketing
Sample Postcard Shown

How It Works

GIANT Postcard Printing

Your ad will be featured on a giant 12" x 9" postcard, printed in full-color on sturdy 12PT stock with a UV gloss finish. When customers receive The GIANT Postcard in their mailbox it stands out both in size and brightness. It's attractive and draws customers' attention which means your ad will be seen and remembered.


The GIANT Postcard features up to 39 individual ad spaces. Not only does each advertiser benefit by being able to keep costs low while still reaching their entire local customer base, but by including merchants from various industries, customers spend more time reviewing each ad looking for coupons or offers they'd use. This is more time they're looking at your ad! Go Team!

Direct Mail Marketing

The GIANT Postcard is mailed seasonally via direct mail to every location in Winchester, VA. We cover zip codes 22601, 22602, 22603, and 22604. We utilize the United States Postal Service® to ensure accurate delivery to every customer. Give your business a better chance at success by reaching 35,000 local customers.

Multiple Ad Sizes

The GIANT Postcard features 20 ad spaces on one side and 19 on the other for a total of 39. Feel free to choose one or more spaces depending on your needs. Grab spaces next to each other either horizontal or vertical or on opposite sides of the postcard. Each space is sized at approximately 2.25" x 2".

FREE Ad Design

Don't stress if you're not a Graphic Designer. We'll work closely with you to create the perfect ad for your business. Your ad will be professionally designed and approved by you before we include it on the postcard. We've got you covered!

Affordable Direct Mail Advertising

The GIANT Postcard is incredibly affordable at only 2 pennies per customer. That's less expensive than a business card and much more effective since it's unlikely you'll pass out 35,000 business cards. On average 98% of customers check their mail the same day. Think about how beneficial this could be for your business when customers receive The GIANT Postcard and see your ad. It'll be the best 2 cents you'll ever spend!

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